The Condensation Problem

Condensation ProblemDefinition of the condensation

First of all, when it comes about a problem you have to know what it really means. So I come with the short description of the condensation. This represents some drops of water which appear on the cold surfaces in your home. It may be confounded with other problems such as rising or penetrating dump. The condensation may appear on the windows, walls or anywhere cold surface in your house.

The condensation is a common problem in Northern Ireland due to its favorable climate.

Causes Of The Condensation

If you have the condensation problem in your house you have to know what produces it. The fact is that the warm air holds more moisture than the cold air, and the change of the temperature helps creating the condensation.  The warm air vapors deposit on the cold surfaces in your house (such as cell, window, wall, doors) and if the problem regularly appears it can lead to the mold growth. So, you don’t want to neglect this problem.

In Northern Ireland, the people have the condensation problem in the cold winters. They don’t use to open the windows and the doors in the winter as much as they do it in the summer. Nowadays they have improved their houses with some uPVC double and triple gazed which are more efficient than the ones they usually used in the times gone by. Also, they see the wood burning stoves in their homes very efficient.

How to Prevent the Condensation

condensation problem There are some things you have to respect in order to keep away the condensation problem:

  • Keep your house at a stable temperature during the day;
  • Try to install some windows and doors which don’t need natural ventilation, such as uPVC windows and doors;
  • Pay attention to the extractor fan above the shower. If this is not powerful enough to remove all the steam, you can be sure that the condensation will appear all over your house;
  • Always open the windows when you are cooking, because the steam will easily escape;
  • The loft must be well ventilated to it can’t block the air flow;
  • The loft door must be insulated because there is a common cold portion where the vapors can condense;
  • Try to dry your clothes outside the house. Now, there are popular the roofed areas where you can dry the clothes without worrying about the condensation. Although, if you prefer using a tumble dryer, make sure that this is vented to the outside;
  • Do not ever use bottled gas or paraffin heaters indoors.

The fact is that to stay away from the condensation, you have to assure your home with good ventilation because all the vapors need a way to escape. Also, it is really important to keep the vapors away from your bedroom at night.

If the problem is advanced and the mold have installed on your house’s walls you have to know that this is easy to clean with some water solution and a clean and soft cloth.

Northern Ireland Property Surveyors

If you are not sure that you have condensation in your home, we can offer you a property survey. Our solution come in helping you recognize the cause of the unknown spots. This will allow you to work for a remedy.