3 Reasons to Opt for a Full Dwelling Survey

Dwelling SurveyWhen buying a house, or thinking about getting the one currently occupied, restored or renovated, one aspect of the process gets ignored most often. This is related to the structural integrity, conditions of support structures and the state of energy supply through the house, among others. Often, it is seen that a new house is purchased without first getting a house-wide survey done to ensure that there is nothing lacking in the structure.

This problem is becoming especially prevalent in Ireland, where although the majority of the houses are of good quality, some buildings are in desperate need of repair.

How Beneficial Full Dwelling Surveys Really Are

Dwelling SurveySuppose you have a place of residence that has dampness issues in the walls or near breakage support structures. While that may not look like much initially, such defects can cause damage over time, even weakening the structural integrity of the house.

Mould, leakages, wall and floor distortion, cracks and fissures, all of these are potentially harmful conditions that can be solved by having a full dwelling survey done. Once you have the survey performed, improvements can be made upon the place of residence to eradicate the issue.

3 Reasons to opt for a Full Dwelling Survey

Following are the main reasons why you should opt for a full dwelling survey.

Small Defects can be Highlighted and Dealt With

Often, the smaller defects are the ones that can cause more damage over time. This is because they go virtually undetected until they become major risks to the house itself. Examples of minor defects are leakages in the piping and tiny fissures in the drainage systems. These defects have the potential to escalate to an unmanageable state, resulting in drastic measures. A full dwelling survey can assist in the detection of these defects as a preemptive measure.

Structural Defects can be Detected and Treated in Time

Problems with the structure of the place of residence can become a major issue if left unchecked. This is because the structure is the most vital aspect of the house. If there are cracks in the walls and at the point where the pillars meet the roof, the dwelling is generally considered unsafe for residence, and should be cleared immediately, until the damage is repaired. To avoid the hassle later, it is always best to have a full dwelling survey performed beforehand, so that these potentially dangerous faults can be taken care of.

Septic tanks and Drainage Systems can be Inspected

There is nothing worse than a leaking septic tank, especially when one is near the main water supply. The contamination that could result from such a defect can be extremely injurious to health, which is why septic tanks and drainage systems should be checked for damage through a survey. This will not only protect the water supply, but the health of the residents as well.

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