Energy Audit

Complete Energy Audit

Want to see and save on your entire home energy consumption?

Check out our Complete Energy Audit to get the whole story.


Energy Consumption in the Home

Energy Audit is a combination of a “Power Saving Analysis” and a “Thermal Imaging Survey” all of which is carried out on the same day.  The advantage of this is that you get a full report showing all aspects of energy use and can compare at a glance where the most efficient or inefficient areas are. The report will give a range of measures that will greatly improve your energy efficiency in a simple step by step formation. This will allow you to target the smaller less   expensive areas of electrical and heating consumption first, then improving onto the next step when budget allows.



Energy Use of Modern Appliances

Thermal Imaging Surveys.

Want to see where the heat is really going?  Check out our revolutionary Thermal Imaging Assessments that will show you what the naked eye cannot see.


Thermal image of bungalow showing heat loss areas brighter than well insulated areas

We will survey your property with our Thermal Imaging Cameras and show you where heat is escaping and adding unnecessary costs to your fuel bills. We will identify poorly constructed areas that cause heat loss.  The cameras can easily identify the following:

Heat loss

Cold bridging

Missing insulation

Air leakage


We will also give advice on the most practical solutions to alleviate and in some cases eliminate these areas of concern.

This could make savings on your heating bills of up to 50% !!!!!!!!!!!!!