Tips on How to Install an Efficient Condensing Boiler

There is no secret that energy is very expensive in Northern Ireland. A useful trick is to lower your bill and energy prices by making your home an energy saver sanctuary.

What is a Condensing Oil Boiler?

Condensing BoilerEven though Firmus gas services are increasing their area of influence inside Northern Ireland territory, many citizens still rely on the classic oil heating technique in order to decrease their bills.

The common oil order across the country is about 500 liters of oil. Thanks of the price falls that recently occurred, the price for that is extremely accessible. The problem comes when we are talking about using the whole oil amount efficiently. I can tell you for sure that if no condensing boiler is used, you are wasting almost a quarter of the ordered oil.

A condensing boiler is the installation that will enable you to transform more than 93% of the whole oil amount into effective heat. Don’t waste your money on standard boilers than can only use about 60% of your oil and start investing in something that can really help you save money on long term basis.

Facts About Condensing Boiler

The best condensing boiler available on the market is the Grade Euroflame 50-70 module, rated grade A. This state-of-the-art product amazes us with a secondary heat exchanger. This extra-component has the role of collecting some of the hot gasses released after burning the oil for the sole purpose of heating the water feed to the heating chamber, gaining in this way an extra amount of high temperature gasses.

The gained heat is obtained by the gasses condensing and to the fact that extraction of the latent heat is allowed.

The difference between the standard boilers and the condensing boilers stands in the fact that for the first type, the temperature of the exhausted gasses is around 200 degrees, while for the more advanced one, the temperature lays somewhere around 50 degrees, meaning that the ratio heat/oil is much closer to what every client wants, an efficient use of their money.

Efficiency in One Word: Insulation

One of the most important facts to be considered when buying a new condensing boiler is to assure that your pipes installation is lagged with insulation. In order to avoid unnecessarily loss of heat, all pipes should be lagged with an extra amount of insulation to get the whole system as efficient as possible.

For the case in which you are not so well prepared in lagging a pipe installation or simply you don’t want to do it, I suggest you to buy an external oil boiler. This one comes with some pipes extremely well insulated and it is ready to be mounted anywhere you want.

Another tip for you to keep your house heater is to loft and cavity your walls insulation. Cheap deals and ideas are provided by Power NI on how to reduce the cycles of your condensing boiler and how to efficiently conserve your house heat.

Thermostatic Radiator Valves (TRV’s)

TRV’s are one of the most brilliant ideas introduced into this industry. These valves have the role of monitoring the temperature on each room inside your house and according to it they automatically adjust the water flow amount from the boiler to the radiator.

From my own experience I can say that this component is ‘gold’. When I turned the heating on, I have noticed that the radiator was getting very hot, and when the room reached at the desired temperature it cooled down, maintaining a constant living environment in the house and assuring a constant flow of water.

For sure with this extra-option included in your package you will save on long term a lot of money and oil!