How Surveyors Dublin Can Help you Avoid Disaster

Surveyors Dublin

When you are buying a house, it is a time of mixed emotions. Firstly, you feel excited – you’re buying a property, perhaps for the first time, and it’s a fantastic opportunity and feeling! On the other hand, it is a time of worry and stress, because there are basically so many things that can go wrong!

The good news? There are people out there who are dedicated to helping you out, before you sign any papers and make a potentially costly mistake.

One thing you must do before you make a final buying decision is to hire a surveyor.

What is a Surveyor?

A surveyor is someone who basically checks the property out for any hidden issues that you may not be aware of, and informs you about whether the property is worth buying or not, as well as whether the price you are paying is fair.

Basically, there are two different types of service which are offered. Surveyors Dublin area will be able to fulfil both of these roles, namely the homebuyer’s report and the full building survey.

A homebuyer’s report is the most basic type of survey, and again, if you are in the Dublin area and you’re looking to purchase a property, this is something which surveyors Dublin can help you with. This is the best option to go for if the property you’re thinking of buying is under 30 years old and there is nothing particularly unusual or strange about it. This type of survey will tell you of any urgent problems to structures, and will basically help you to decide once and for all whether this is a purchase you want to make, as well as whether the price is right.

The second type of survey which surveyors Dublin are on hand for, is a full building survey.

This is a more expensive type of survey, and it is one which is recommended for buildings which are a little older, say over 30 years old, as well as for properties which have undergone major renovation in the past, or those which you are planning on renovating yourself. This type of survey will be able to tell you in more detail about the structural soundness of the property, it will tell you about the level of damp (if any), any damage which is currently in the walls, the level of damp proofing, drainage, and the insulation too. Basically, you will be able to see whether you are making a sound investment, or a bad one.

Why Employing Surveyors Dublin is so Important

You wouldn’t throw cash at just any old purchase, so when you are looking to spend a large amount of money, it’s important to know that you are getting value for money. You want to also know that you’re not paying over the top for the property you’re looking at, and you want to know if there is anything lurking under the surface that may not be evident to the naked or untrained eye. A survey can give you all of this information, and can therefore avoid a potentially disastrous purchase, which is going to see you lose a considerable amount of cash.

It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of purchasing a property, especially your first one, but it’s always best to stay cautious.